Peppermint Oil

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The uses of peppermint oil…

Head Tension – if you are suffering with head tension, massage a drop of peppermint oil into your temples and across your forehead taking care to not get the peppermint close to your eyes (this will sting!), and with the remainder in your hands, just rub in between the palms of your hands and cup around your nose to inhale.

Digestive discomfort – dilute a couple of drops with some fractionated coconut oil and rub on the stomach, or add one drop to a beverage of your choice.

Re-energize – rub one drop of oil in the palms of your hands and inhale as an alternative to an unhealthy snack.

Cooking – Add 2-5 drops to a brownie mix of your choice.  Start with two, taste and add more if desired.

To be more alert – one drop to your temples and massage, again taking care not to get close to your eyes.

Drinks – Add a drop to your favourite smoothie