The Home Essentials Kit – dōTERRA Top 10 Oils

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The Home Essentials Kit is the best way to get started uses oils for you and your family.  The kit contains the top 10 oils along with a petal diffuser for you to use in your home, but I do also recommend you carry the oils you use most often with you in your handbag during the day to really make the most of integrating them into your lives.

Petal Diffuser

Below lists the top 10 oils along with some ways in which they can support your body and suggestions on how to use them.  Below are just a few suggestions but you will find that as you start to use these oils there are even more ways these oils can support your body and ailments that you never even realised.  Many oils cannot be applied to your skin (topically) or taken internally, as you will see doTERRA oils can be applied both topically and internally.

Peppermint 15ml

Peppermint oil can assist with alertness, energy increase, memory issues, headaches and migraines, bad breath and hangovers, decrease milk supply for new Mums, loss of sense of smell, digestive problems, cravings (inhale or apply under your nose to assist with cravings during the day),  you can also apply peppermint oil to stiff muscles.

Oregano 15ml

Yes a drop of Oregano can also be used in your cooking but it can also be used to assist with viruses, tonsillitis, parasites, calluses and warts, urinary infection, carpal tunnel and rheumatism and emotional balance.  It is a great oil to use against bacteria.  Can be taken internally, topically and diffused if you wish.

On Guard 15ml

On Guard supports your natural body defences and assists with a healthy immune system.  Can also be used to assist cleaning in your home and a drop or two can be added to a little water to be used as a mouth wash.  On Guard can be diffused, taken internally and applied topically.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) 15ml

This is an antiseptic oil which can be used to assist with cuts and wounds, viruses and bacteria, tonsillitis, ear infection and gum disease.  For oily hair or dandruff you can add a couple of drops to your shampoo.  This oil can be diffused, added to a drink of your choice or applied topically in a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil.

Lemon 15ml

Lemon oil along with all the citrus oils can assist with helping you to feel revitalised, apply just one drop to water to assist with liver and kidney detox, assists with concentration and congestion.  This oil can be diffused, taken internally in a drink of your choice and applied topically with a carrier oil.  This oil will awaken your senses.

Lavender 15ml

Go to oil for sleep, massage a couple of drops onto the bottom of your feet, and apply a couple of drops to your chest.  Also add a few drops along with frankincense to your diffuser next to your bed at night to aid sleep.  Lavender is also used for stress, anxiety, sunburns, allergies and hay fever, colic and baby upset, migraines, headaches and head tension.  For any kind of head tension apply to your temples and massage across the top of your forehead.  Can also be used to support emotional balance.

Frankincense 15ml

Can be used to assist with sleep, seizures and trauma, Alzheimer’s and dementia, depression, wounds and wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, back pain and headaches, congestion and coughs, emotional balance.

Can be used in a diffuser, internally and topically with a carrier oil.

Digest Zen 15ml

Supports the digestive system and assists with stomach upset.  You can apply topically with a carrier oil, diffuse into the air or take internally.

Deep Blue 5ml

Deep blue is a great oil to use alongside exercise.  It contains a blend of oils perfect for massage and sooths the muscles and joints after exercise.  Can be applied topically to back, neck, joints, shoulders and those other areas which you need relief.   To use this oil dilute with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and apply topically.

Breath 15mls

Breath promotes a heathy respiratory system.  It can be used when you have congestion, when you need a restful sleep and supports healthy lungs.  Breath can be diffused, applied topically by diluting with a carrier oil and apply to your chest or inhale straight from the bottle.  Breath can also be used to support seasonal allergies.

A 15ml bottle of oil typically has 250 drops.  Each time you use, you usually only need 1-2 drops and in a diffuser approx. 4 drops, so as you will see, these oils will last a long time.

As always, any questions drop me an email