Cassia Essential Oil

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This is the first oil in my ‘Oils of the Bible’ series


20190128_205650_0001.pngCassia was used by Moses’ as part of his anointing oil and was used as an oil in temple worship.

Cassia Picture
   ‘All your robes are fragrant with Myrrh and aloes and Cassia’ (Psalm 45:8)|

Cassia is very closely linked to Cinnamon, it is a very strong, spicy and warm oil.   In biblical times it was also used as a way to fragrance clothing and is one of the oldest oils known.  Cassia is also a calming oil but when applied to the skin it must be diluted with a carrier oil due to Cassia being such a warm oil.

Cassia is derived by steam distillation of the bark, twigs and leaves.  Cassia also blends well with doTERRA oils Ginger, Siberian fir and Wild Orange.

Cassia is used as a decongestant, its antiviral, antifungal and a detoxifier.  It has been used to assist with ulcer symptoms, menstrual problems, tuberculosis, anemia, constipation relief, boosts the immune system and can be used in both cooking and cleaning.

Cassia can be taken internally, applied topically (to the skin) and aromatically, but please note, this is just specific for doTERRA, most essential oils cannot be taken internally nor applied topically whereas doTERRA’s Cassia essential oil can be taken all 3 ways.  Here are some top uses:

Extreme colds:  apply diluted with fractionated coconut oil to the bottoms of your feet to bring warmth.

Stomach upsets & sickness: take in a veggie capsule.


These veggie capsules are specific to doTERRA, they are empty vegetable capsules for you to put drops of your oils into and take as a tablet.

Water retention: take in a veggie capsule

Kidney Infection: take in a veggie capsule, apply a drop to the bottom of your feet

Viruses and Bacterial infections: take in a veggie capsule or diffuse in your home

Blood Sugar Balance: take in a capsule with meals

Cooking: add a drop to your favourite recipe for a cinnamon flavour

If you want to know more about essential oils use the contact me page for any questions, or you can purchase oils directly using the link below.